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Boaz Augustin Madurai
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Installing a solar panel in your home or company is a big investment and must be handled with care. And the panel can last for many years if is maintained properly. Cleaning your panel and checking it regularly will save you from spending a lot of money on repair over the years. It will also keep it shinnying and looking great. Also, it is important to be familiar with the components of the solar panel system as it will help you to understand its setup and how to carefully maintain it.

Solar panels do not require high maintenance like generators which are made of moving components that often requires repair and sometimes complete replacement. The panels do not have components that will breakdown or rust, therefore, maintaining them is the key to sustaining their functionality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Read on as Boaz Augustin Madurai, a business guru and renewable energy expert enlighten us on how to maintain our solar panel system.

Purchase a cleaning kit

Solar panels cleaning kit is a full package of all you need to keep your solar panel clean. There is a wiper, brush, biodegradable soap, and many more with detailed steps and instructions on how to use them. You can also use a bush or clean water to remove dirt on the panel.

Monitor your solar panel system

Many solar panel system comes with a tracking device that helps you monitor the performance of your solar system every day. “Checking the performance of your solar system at least once a week will give you an idea of how effective it is”, explained Boaz Augustin Madurai. It also allows you to notice any change in functionality which you can immediately report to your installer.

Clean it regularly

Your solar panel should be clean regularly to remove dirt and debris. During the rainy season, the dirt on your panel will probably be cleaned out however, it might not remove all the build-up of debris. Therefore, it is important to always check your panel to make sure there is no dirt residue on it especially if you are living in a sandy area. If you notice any, wash it off with a hose. You can also clean your panel lightly by using instruments from the cleaning kit. Also, avoid cleaning your panel during hot weather to avoid temperature change. Do not stand on the roof to clean the panel and if there is a lot of snow on the panel, use a roof rake to clean it off.

Check your panel after a bad weather

A dust or hail storm, cyclone, or tornado can break your panel which will affect its functionality. Checking the appearance of your panel or monitoring its performance after experiencing bad weather helps you discover the problem. Luckily, your insurance covers any damage to your panels by bad weather. Therefore, you can reach out to your installer and they will tell you the whole process to repair or replace your panel.

Contact a cleaning agency

Do you often have a busy schedule and can’t clean your solar panel? Contact a cleaning agent for professionals that specialize in cleaning solar panel to help you do the work. Also, getting on the roof on your own without a clear understanding of how to go about the cleaning process can damage the solar panel and a professional will do a better job than you. Hiring a cleaning agent is very affordable and you only need them once or twice a year. You can also install an automated cleaning system or a cleaning robot to clean your solar panel but it is very expensive.

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