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Boaz Augustin Madurai
3 min readDec 30, 2020

The population is increasing. Resources are exhausting. Climate is changing. Pollution is taking over. Biodiversity is going extinct. Paints a very dystopian picture doesn’t it? Well guess what. Funny thing is that we still aren’t concerned. We don’t mind reading this in the newspapers everyday, we don’t mind the reality of our own planet coming to an end and we definitely don’t mind our future generations coming to a ruin due to us. Do we? We’d rather support our selfish motives than work together and unite to save each one.

How can you do your bit? Most of these terrible threats and risks can be minimized simply by taking a step towards renewable energy sources such as solar energy.

Thus, today with Boaz Augustin Madurai, an environmentalist and ecological enthusiast, who believes too bring huge changes through the power of solar energy, we discuss quite an important topic in reference to use of energy.

What Is Smart Solar Technology?

Smart solar technology or smart solar solutions are basically methods and processes brought forward by systems and solar components to produce energy using the sun as their source. They have a higher efficiency than our typical sources and also cut down costs, if speaking on personal benefits. As for environmental benefits, they are known well for all to revere. These systems not only help users keep a check on their consumption rate but also decrease the consumption of power with their smart technology. They are gaining popularity and significance since they reduce the wastage of energy and increase efficiency of existing solar devices. They are often integrated into the already existing PV setup, to improve the functional capabilities, including controlling as well as monitoring, of the mentioned components.

Smart Solar Products

Solar solutions are usually installed via devices like generators, inverters, PV cells, etc. They are all the major components required. Yet, out of all the mentioned, the demand of PV cells has been predicted to go significantly high in the times to come ahead. The reason why this statement can be made must be accredited to technological and scientific advancements. The production and introduction of PV cells in the industry have enabled manufacturers and producers to lower down rates and costs significantly low. This has promoted its usage and adoption. Major companies and industry names have benefited from the turboelectric effect due to the development of PV cells which produce energy despite unhelpful weather conditions, such as rain.

Smart Solar Solutions

Major smart solar solutions include Asset management, Remote metering, Supervisory control and data acquisition, Analytics, Meter data management, And Network monitoring. Once again, thanks to the strict rules and regulations of the north American and European governments Asset management will probably have a higher demand rate than any other.


As time is ticking, the need of innovative solutions to our problems is becoming more and more evident. There is absolutely no reason to adapt to them, since they are environmentally supportive, cost-effective, and beneficial overall!

Since, renewable energy resources and their potential is at a greater chance of exploration, usage, and advancing further, implementation, it is our time as dwellers and inhabitants of the planet to take an action and save it and our future generations.

At the pace we are using fossil fuels and other natural resources which take millions of years to build up, the continuation of doing so will leave our future generation with absolutely nothing. Boaz Augustin requests every single one to contribute as much as possible in any way you might find!

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Boaz Augustin Madurai

Boaz Augustin Madurai, an entrepreneur and Co-founding father of Borg Energy India based in Chennai, India. He has completed his Engineering from Anna Universit